Communication is science.
We are your favorite scientists.
Scientists don’t always wear lab coats

Every now and then we like to kick back and exchange ideas over a cap. Mojito might have been invented in Cuba but here at Lucus Lab we invented a new set of values we share with our colleagues. Start with hard cold dedication, add 2/3 of desire to learn, don’t forget to creatively stretch yourself and top it off with a lot of agility so it can be extra delicious!

Content Creation

Everything around us is an eligible piece of content. Attention span might be shorter, but possibilities for creating content are bigger than ever.

Social Media

Don’t just like and share it. Save it, remember it, expand it and give it all a meaning that goes beyond social media platforms.

Branding & Design

It’s fine if you are a new kid on the block. It’s even better if you’ve been around the block, but don’t just give your customers a product without good branding and design.

Organic Reach

Sure you can pay for it. Yeah, they might even come but they definitely won’t stay. Real love lasts longer and grows stronger when it’s organic.

Web Development

We love to code but we don’t like to bore you with it. Just point a finger and we’ll turn those numbers and brackets into money in your pockets.

CMS Implementation

Everybody loves a good pie. Let’s slice this pie so everyone can get a piece. It works better. You wouldn’t pour only one glass of drink to your friends, would you?

Stefan Gavrilović
Creative Director
Nikola Mladenović
Product Manager
Nemanja Petrović
Digital Marketing